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"Derivative Engines offers Real Time Option Calculators for the specific needs of broad range of customers... From students, small investors, corporate companies, hedge funds, private bankers, treasury sales teams and derivative traders at banks. "

Limited Option Pricing Tool

This tool is designed for the users who need the Real Time market pricing of the FX Options and Structured Products rather then their analysis. Limited Option pricing tool is suitable for the users that makes less than 50 pricing on average daily.

Users can price with online market data. The trade date of the options are always today’s trade date and the market data related with trade date is always online.

Users can not price FX Options and Structured Products with a historical trade date and historical data. Pricing with Historical data is available at DE Option Trader Tool.

Derivative Engines launches Limited Option Pricing tool mostly for
- The Corporate Companies who need pricing of FX options and Structured Products for their hedging needs but do not need frequent pricing.
- Investors who uses Investment Derivative Products in order to increase the performance of their investments.
- Students and academic personnel
- Any market participant interested in FX Options
- Financial consulting companies which give hedging and investment advisory service for their clients.

The most important need for this group is to get real time market prices with bid-offer spread of the over the counter Fx options rather then complex risk and scenario analysis of an option portfolio. Derivative Engines tries to solve the problem of getting the market price of the FX Options with the customized solution of Unlimited Option Pricing Tool with affordable prices. Users should not have to pay high prices for the unused complex analysis tool.

Normally registered users have access to Limited Option Pricing Tool when they are registered to Derivative Engines and Unlimited Options Pricing Tool is monthly paid subscription. But nowadays for a limited time

Registered Derivative Engine users will be able to use Unlimited Option Pricing Tool free until the end of 2018. Register now and get the benefits...

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Derivative Engines launches its new .net interface

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Derivative Engines is born

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