Real Time Option Pricing Solutions

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Derivative Engines supplies Real Time Forex Option Pricing Solutions with Limited Option Pricing Tool (FX) and Unlimited Option Pricing Tool (FX).

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With Derivative Engines Option Pricing Tools, you can price Foreign Currency Options like;

- European Vanilla Options
- American Vanilla Options
- Knock In / Knock Out Barrier Options
- One Touch Options
- No Touch Options
- Double No Touch Options
- Double One Touch Options

and Structured Products like

Investment Products
- DCD (Dual Currency Deposit)
- One Touch Deposit (Capital Protected)
- No Touch Deposit (Capital Protected)
- Double No Touch Deposit (Capital Protected)
- Double One Touch Deposit (Capital Protected)

Hedging Products
- Asymetric Forward
- Zero Cost Collar
- Seagull (3 Way Collar)
- Zero Cost Collar Knock Out
- Asymetric Forward Knock Out
- Forward Knock Out
- Forward Knock In
- Forward Extra

Hedging products can be priced for both single expiry period or multiple (accumulating) expiry periods. Hedging with accumulating expiry periods is very popular when the hedger has a regular cash flow to be hedged.

Product database is increasing continuosly in order to supply better service to all our users. Derivative Engines real time option calculators offers fast and reliable service to our users with maximum efficiency.